About National Sports in India

About National Sports in India

India is host to many international and prominent sporting events such as the Cricket World Cup, the Olympic Games, the World Cup cricket tournament, and the Indian Football World Cup. A large number of people are also passionate about National Sports. On this day every year, many of them get together to take part in these events or to watch it over television. But many of them do not know much about the competition and the exciting facts about the event. This makes them interested in knowing more about it and the sports taking place all over the world.

There are many interesting facts about Indian sports which are quite interesting to learn. For example, many companies organize the Indian football World Cup, also known as the Olympics. Earlier, many people did not think that India’s government would be hosted as was done with the Olympic games. However, with the help of various sports development programs and financial sponsorships, many of these small football clubs could join in the bidding for the right to participate in the Olympics.

One of the most popular sports now is the IPC circuit ball cricket, also known as the IPL. This game is played between teams from different parts of the world, and many prominent cricket players have participated in it already. Earlier, this was played only in South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, but now it has gone international, and cricket fans from all over the world are getting hooked into it. One of the reasons behind this is that several IPL players from top cricketing nations like Australia, England, India, Sri Lanka, and West Indies participate in this tournament.

The first-ever edition of the IPL was held in Singapore, and this was considered successful because it attracted a record audience of almost 100 million viewers. And it is expected that this number is going to keep increasing. In this tournament, various teams from both the IPL leagues have fought for the title, and now only one team stands out as the winner. Twenty-one teams have been given a chance to be part of the IPL, and if they win the championship, they will become IPL champions. Cricket world cup is another popular event that makes India proud. It is a four-team tournament, and the four contenders are decided based on their ranking.

World Cup Day is a significant public holiday in India, and World Sports Day is celebrated with great fanfare in New Delhi. On this special day, the entire country gets together to take part in various sports activities. Rowing, tennis, badminton, volleyball, hockey, polo, and even wrestling are some of the major sports activities celebrated on this day. All the big sports clubs of India organize home matches for their supporters, and they play at venues like Kolkata stadium and Eden stadium.

Wrestling and volleyball are prevalent sports activities in India, especially in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Men mainly dominate wrestling, but there are some divisions for women in the south and west. Fans can’t watch wrestling live, but they can watch it on tv. One can also organize an Indian wrestling camp in his/her country to promote wrestling in that country.

Another prominent and popular sport is that of para-athletics. In the para-Athlon, athletes from diverse countries compete to complete a particular course less than the specified time. There are different formats for para-Athlon, and the events are swimming, running, climbing, boxing, javelin throw, wrestling, and fencing. These sports are prevalent among athletes worldwide, and they enjoy participating in these international games. In the last ten years, surfing has made huge inroads in India, and beaches worldwide are becoming world-famous.

The other sports which are very popular in India are badminton, tennis, handball, volleyball, and hockey. All these sports are played in courts, and there are teams dedicated to these sports. For the winner of any of the above sports, there is an award called the jackpot prize. The jackpot prize for tennis was first introduced in the World Games in 1994, and since then, there has been no stopping with the awards and competitions for jackpots.

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