Amazing Facts About The Prophecy Of Daniel Part 2

Amazing Facts About The Prophecy Of Daniel Part 2

What makes amazing facts study guides really amazing is their level of accuracy. People throughout the years have used these sorts of guides to discern information regarding specific subjects. As a matter of fact, every religion in the world has created different versions of the history and current condition of the earth’s kingdoms. The Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church, among others, constantly create new theories and claim that they are the rightful rule of the entire world. This is just one of the many reasons why these kinds of historical documents should be researched and studied.

Some other amazing facts study guides on the papacy, and the Antichrist’s subject is numerous. For instance, did you know that the Catholic Church under Pius XII’s leadership opposed the Protestant Church’s teachings? Pius XII substituted his teaching with what he considered to be “traditionalist” ideas. These ideas were based on antichristic symbolism and other types of ancient myths and legends. He also added his own ideas and beliefs to the mix as well.

Also, these amazing facts bible study guides provide vast amounts of information on Pius XII’s life. Did you know that Pius XII served as a soldier in World War II? Did you know that he fought the Germans and the Japanese during the war? And did you know that he became a hero in the process? All of this and more is provided by excellent Catholic historical documents on the Pius XII controversy.

Did you know that anti-papacy movements throughout the world started during World War II? Many people blame the Catholic Church for how this particular controversy started. However, the facts show that the Pope was totally innocent of any wrongdoing whatsoever. At the time, the German dictator, Hitler, went back on his words and promised to end all the Catholic churches built in Germany immediately. The Catholic Church in Germany immediately closed its doors, leaving nothing but these stone walls standing.

Now, let’s take a look at another amazing fact study for the Pius XII controversy. Did you know that many Christians consider the prophecy of Daniel to be a satanic act? This is based on Daniel 9:2-7, where Daniel is telling the story of the last days. It is generally believed that Daniel’s visions and voice were interpreted by someone else in the Middle East over a period of time and gave to the Catholic Church as divine guidance concerning Daniel 9:2-7.

In other words, some Christians believe that the visions of Daniel 9:2-7 are God speaking to Daniel over a period of time to guide him to the future according to the words of Daniel. However, the amazing facts on the Pius XII’s connection with Daniel are that this prophet was scheduled to have his tonsils removed at the time of his death. How could this have anything to do with the bible prophecy of Daniel, you might ask? If you believe the Catholic Church, the Pope is speaking to Daniel over the centuries, which would place the pontificate immediately after Christ, which the Catholic Church denies.

You can find many amazing facts on the links below regarding this subject. An audio seminar is also available entitled “Was Jesus Pure?” in which you will hear several documents proving that the Roman Catholic Church is wrong about their teaching on this matter and that their prophet, Joseph Smith, did indeed speak to Jesus on this very matter.

In light of the amazing facts discussed above, it should be obvious that the Catholic Church’s teaching on the matter of The Prophecy of Daniel is false! On the links below, you will find many articles and reports showing this to be so, which will certainly strengthen your faith and help you avoid being compromised by this modern-day secret Vatican Radio Program. Is it not time you found out the truth about God and Bible Answers? Please consider this in 2021.

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