How to Choose the Best Bible Study Guides

January 13, 2021 by No Comments

The best Bible study guides will be ones that encourage people to pray and read the Bible. This is what a lot of people do not realize. We are all familiar with the church’s stories of going out of business or people in small groups finding a lost book. Those are great stories, but those are from a long ago, and what is happening in today’s world is happening much more rapidly.

A lot of people find themselves without resources because they got caught up in some crisis. The crisis is good because it can show us where we are weak and how we need to grow stronger. But when it starts to impact your life in terms of study materials, you have to take action. You can’t just wait for another time to act.

I’ve been through many changes in my life, and I’m also a product of my environment. My family was tiny. We didn’t go to church often, and it seemed like it hurt our relationship. Our church was small, too, and I felt like the only thing that everyone knew about my friends and me were our Bible stories. My friends would invite their friends over for Bible study, and while it was nice to get together for Bible study and prayer occasionally, it wasn’t the best atmosphere for growing as a person.

I needed something different. I needed an atmosphere where I could openly discuss my concerns and where others could share theirs and understand what I was feeling. It took a lot of souls searching, and it was worth it. It became obvious to me that God was calling me to come to wherever he is so that we could be one group. He created people to fellowship together in the promises of God. There has never been a time in my life where I could feel more connected to my church than I do right now.

I can honestly say that having been involved in a small group, all of my life has made me a stronger person. The friendships that I have formed are stronger than any relationship I have had in the past. Having worked in teams of varying sizes in my career, I have learned how to manage both the group and the individual. I have realized that it is much easier to stay motivated when I am in a small group than when I am on my own.

These days, I am blessed to have been in a small group that has taught me the Word of God’s principles. I have had the privilege of learning from leaders such as Elder Dallin Oaks, Elder Perkins, and many others. I have experienced the sweetness of the Word of God and the comfort of living with people who love the Lord and share a common mission. I have also had the pleasure of serving in many departments under these great men. It has been a true blessing to walk in their footsteps and to have had the opportunity to help grow the body of Christ.

In all of my years of involvement with Bible study manuals, I have always been impressed with the amount of work done when people are focused and driven. The best Bible study guides allow you to learn at your own pace, not to have to worry about spending valuable time in a classroom. I have spent countless hours reading God’s Word and learning new things about His life and His Word. This has allowed me to go into new areas and grow in new ways. I no longer worry about having to rush to get some school work done because I have a study guide that I can use at my own pace. It allows me to learn and grow even more in every area of my life.

I encourage you to look for the best Bible study guides available. I have used several of them in the past year and have found that each one has something unique to offer me. When you are in a small group setting, you will want to make sure you take the time to learn and grow. A Bible study manual allows you to do this. If you find one that you really enjoy, you will not stop using it, and you will use it daily.

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