Review of the 2100 Samsung

Review of the 2100 Samsung

With the release of Google Voice, Google’s new phone service, many are waiting for phone reviews to see how many upgrades come with this release. The release has sparked many discussions on whether the Phone was a “jack of all trades” device or not. This review attempts to answer the question with facts. The review also looks at some of the drawbacks of this release and concludes by looking at the positive aspects.

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Google Voice is essentially a mobile version of the popular Google Search Network. With this release, Google has basically given voice as the new way to search. Users can search for the terms they want, have the voice feature direct their way, and even group their voice calls into lists. This makes it easier for many to stay in touch with friends, family, and business colleagues. However, this release has been plagued by many issues, including poor reception, low battery life, and overall poor performance.

As users become accustomed to the Voice feature, they may find that the phone will be less useful. In my own testing, I did find that Google does offer an option to turn on the auto-answer feature. This auto-answer makes many incoming phone calls much better than they were previously. For those that are worried about poor reception, the reception was generally good but not great.

The one negative area that I reviewed was the phone’s battery life. The battery life lasted just over eight hours on average. Reviewers have complained about the battery life, saying that the phone often needs recharging every few days. Fortunately, this issue has been resolved in most instances. It is worth noting that many reviewers have also had good battery life ratings, though for different reasons.

The software of this phone hasn’t changed all that much since the release. There are still duplicate icons and a general lack of personality. Other phones have made huge improvements.

One of the best Android phones released in recent years, the Zune is updated to work well on various networks. This includes Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. The phone is not a lock to many of the Zune features, but many times it doesn’t even compare.

Like many of the program’s early adopters, my review of the Samsung 2100 S appears to have been formed by limited hands-on experience with the device. The phone does work as advertised. At least for now, the biggest drawback appears to be the difficulty in updating to the new Samsung mobile platform. Some Samsung fans have been waiting for the update for months, but it appears that this is still a few months away for some users.

The question, of course, remains. Is this phone perfect? Does it have everything that many Samsung fans want on their mobile? While I can only answer these questions based upon my own experiences using the phone, I hope this review sheds light on the subject.

A couple of things immediately jump out as missing features with the Samsung 2100 S. Perhaps the biggest disappointment with the phone is that it lacks any USB port. Instead, all you have to do is use your micro USB ports to connect accessories to the phone or support data storage requirements. This isn’t a huge deal for many consumers, but those using PDAs or other handheld devices that rely on frequent data transfers may find this limiting. Fortunately, most consumers will not face this limitation.

Another shortcoming of the phone is its lack of memory. Samsung offers just 8GB of memory for the device, which is just about all it can handle. If you need a lot of storage for movies, photos, or other large media files, this is definitely a bummer. Luckily, there are ways to increase the size of the memory. You can find software that boots up the operating system at startup and then loads files ahead of time to fill the memory before startup.

Also, the phone doesn’t work well with any Bluetooth devices. Since this device is designed as an Internet-only device, it doesn’t support standard Bluetooth devices. For those looking to connect a few devices, this could become quite important.

Overall, the 2100 Samsung is a good phone. It has many of the features consumers look for in a smartphone, but it also lacks some important capabilities. That being said, it’s a great phone overall and well worth the price. At the end of the day, it comes down to what you’re willing to sacrifice. While it may not be as powerful as many of the competition, it does offer a lot of what consumers are looking for in a mobile device.

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