The Top 5 Health Issues Commonly Suffered By People In United States

The Top 5 Health Issues Commonly Suffered By People In United States

Dengue is an airborne viral disease that is caused by a strain of yellow fever virus. This type of virus tends to affect children between the ages of five and fourteen years. The incubation period of this disease is three to four days, and symptoms usually develop during this period and fever, headache, nausea, and chills. However, there is no certain medicine to cure dengue at this time.

Treatment mainly consists of preventing the spread of the virus to others. This ensures that children wash their hands frequently and do not touch items contaminated with the fever-stricken Aedes mosquito. Also, the treatment of acute symptoms requires the administering of prescribed medicines. Generally, treatment of this illness and infection requires repeated anti-parasite medications and lotions and the application of insecticides to stop further reproduction of the Aedes mosquitoes virus in the affected areas.

A severe form of this disease is known as dengue hemorrhagic fever. In this form, the primary symptom is bleeding of the rectal and intestinal areas. The area most at risk, in this case, is the lower portion of the intestine. This is because the stools are composed of more fat content. Since the absorption of vitamins and other nutrients in this area is severely affected, the absorption of essential nutrients and minerals is severely impacted. In the case of severe hemorrhagic fever, there may be death from complications arising from this condition.

There are also rarer forms of illness that result in death. The most severe form is Karachi fever, which is caused by a variant strain of the yellow fever virus. This type of fever generally affects the males of the age group up to fifty years old and is more prevalent in people from the Middle East. It is characterized by a temperature of about 101 degrees Fahrenheit, with symptoms such as excessive sweating and vomiting and the presence of rash and blisters that often develop into crusts that ooze. Since there is no medication available for treating this fever, it is important to isolate affected individuals early in the disease.

There are also rare symptoms associated with the more common forms of this severe illness. These include the sudden appearance of weakness or shortness of breath, severe headache, nausea, chills, skin rash, diarrhea, and vomiting. If these symptoms do not appear, you should get hospitalized immediately since these symptoms usually mean that the individual has just been subjected to a major dehydration crisis. If you have been exposed to a severe dengue fever outbreak, you should immediately seek medical attention to avoid any complications.

The best preventive measure against severe dengue is to prevent exposure to mosquitoes. Because the Aedes Aegypti species are vectors of this disease, you can prevent serious dengue by avoiding areas where Aedes Aegypti lives. However, following symptoms of this illness, you can still use mosquito repellent to keep yourself safe.

If you find yourself with severe symptoms such as skin rashes, blistery mouth sores, and severe headaches, you should visit your physician immediately. Your doctor will recommend the best medications for treatment, and you will be advised on ways to avoid coming into contact with the mosquito that carries the virus. Since medications do not kill mosquitoes, the only way they can be prevented from biting you is through prevention. For instance, bed nets and insecticides are the most effective ways to prevent the mosquito’s larvae and eggs from hatching. This means that the diseases passed on by mosquito bites are not transmitted from one person to another.

While you can follow strict precautions to prevent yourself from contracting a severe illness such as dengue, there is nothing you can do if you find yourself with serious symptoms. So, if you find yourself in this situation, seek medical attention immediately from your local healthcare provider. This will help you survive the intense pain that comes with severe dengue infection. Also, seek timely treatment so that you can recover from the illness fast and lead a normal life.

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