Preventive Health Care – A New Frontier in Medical Research

Preventive Health Care – A New Frontier in Medical Research

Health is a condition of total mental, physical and emotional well-being and not just the absence of illness or infirmity. It is your awareness of how you feel physically and emotionally. Your health can be broken down into different areas, including physical, mental, and emotional aspects. The best way to keep your health intact is to pay attention to your overall well-being.

When we talk of health, we are usually talking about being psychologically healthy. This is mental and emotional well-being. All three determinants of health are present in all people, and it is something that varies from person to person. Some people have the right balance of all three determinants, while others have one or the other.

Mental health and well-being depend on a person’s sleep deprivation. A lack of sleep can cause anxiety and depression and is a major determinant of both health problems. Sleep deprivation also causes our body to slow down and make us more susceptible to illnesses and disease. Our immune system becomes weaker and more easily affected by the germs and microorganisms that thrive in our environment.

Emotional well-being refers to our ability to cope with our daily activities and situations. Our lifestyle choices reflect our culture and religion in developed countries, which dictate some of the most important and widely practiced health practices. These include a healthy diet, sufficient sleep, exercise, and keeping the body physically fit. A typical Indian meal consists of roti, rice, boiled vegetables, dosa, and a rich fiber and protein package.

Both the mental health and physical health of an individual reflect his or her intelligence and personality. It is believed that intellectual and personality traits are directly linked to the level of happiness and joy. Research has indicated a close relationship between personality disorders and health issues. The most common mental disorders in India include depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia, and other psychological disorders.

An optimal level of physical health is important for long life. An Indian woman usually attires herself according to her surroundings and culture. Dressing appropriately not only makes us look elegant and appealing but also boosts our health. Indians follow a healthy lifestyle, as they follow a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and consume the right health products.

There are several reasons for the increasing level of health issues. Some lifestyle choices may result in health problems. Some diseases are incurable; others are related to heredity or may result from some health issues. It is necessary to take preventive measures for both chronic and acute conditions. Diet, physical activity, and cleansing the body of toxins can help prevent these diseases.

Most people are overweight, so they have to work on their weight and health to stay fit and healthy. To maintain healthy body weight, individuals should try to control their food and beverage consumption and quit smoking. The reduction in salt and fat intake is also beneficial in improving the health status of an individual. It is necessary to adopt a healthy lifestyle for overall enhanced health. All people need to adopt healthy lifestyle choices for better health.

Certain environmental factors are known to be determinants of health, and it includes air pollution, ultraviolet radiation from the sun, lead in water, and other agents that pollute the environment. The existence of electromagnetic fields also pollutes the environment and can affect human health in many ways. These agents may also cause some diseases.

Many diseases are caused by physical aspects like obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. We all know that a slim and fit body gives good looks and confidence. A healthy body has good metabolism and functions correctly. Health care professionals believe that physical activities, like regular workouts and strength-training, play a vital role in maintaining an individual’s physical health. This will reduce the risk factors of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Our state of health affects the way we perceive ourselves. The physical activities and food selections of an individual will greatly impact his or her overall health. There is a wide range of health products available in the market today. They include vitamins, herbal supplements, and medicines that help prevent and cure diseases. We should be careful about what we eat and avoid bad eating habits to protect our overall health.

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