Tips for Starting an Exercise Program

Tips for Starting an Exercise Program

A common question asked by fitness buffs is ‘What are the most important exercises for fitness?’ Fitness should be the state of your mind, and you can achieve it through regular exercise. However, there is so much more to fitness than just jogging on a treadmill or lifting weights. In fact, many other factors come into play when you decide to start a fitness program, such as your body type, your age, and your gender. The best way to begin is by understanding what the 5 basic exercises for fitness are.

There are five basic exercises for fitness that should form the basis of your program. The first one is strength training, which improves muscular strength. You will be able to get stronger when you lift weights. Strength training is not that difficult once you master the techniques. From beginners to strength lifters and fitness professionals, anyone should do them to enjoy maximum benefits from their exercise regimen.

Another one is flexibility training. This improves the overall range of motion of the muscles. Flexibility makes sure that your body stays in one position without swaying too much. As your flexibility improves, your body becomes less susceptible to injuries. The list of exercises that improve flexibility includes lunges, squats, push-ups, and pull-ups.

Lastly, cardio fitness should form an integral part of your exercise routine. Cardio workouts help strengthen muscles, burn calories and improve your stamina. Since the cardio workout requires exertion of the whole body, your body’s stronger muscles are used. The list of cardio exercises includes running, walking, skipping, climbing stairs, and bicycling. To make your exercise routine even more intense, you can increase your workout intensity by doing an exercise with an increased amount of weight or doing an exercise that combines different types of cardiovascular exercises.

Strength training is a highly recommended exercise for an individual who wants to develop physical fitness. It is always better to incorporate several exercise types in your workout to have the most dramatic effect. Doing different kinds of strength exercises allows you to work out different muscle groups and take advantage of each one. For example, lifting weights will target your entire arm, while rotating your joints and twisting your body during exercises will target your abdominal, leg, and lower back muscles.

Pushing yourself to the limits puts resistance on yourself. By pushing yourself beyond where your body is comfortable, you will experience the ultimate in physical activity and building up your muscular endurance. Some examples of challenging workouts include pullups, chin-ups, deadlifts, squats, pushups, mountain climbers, and other exercises that use large muscle groups and require total body conditioning.

Finally, you can always do some circuit training to keep your fitness program interesting and exciting. Circuit training is simply when you start at a moderate pace and gradually increase your exercise intensity over time. Examples of popular circuit training include jump roping, rowing, biking, swimming, and running. Regardless of the level of fitness you currently have, you can incorporate circuit training into your routine. You can always start at a lower level of difficulty and gradually work your way up.

Remember to make fitness fun by incorporating it into your daily life. If you have a favorite sport or activity, consider having your fitness program included as you enjoy your favorite activity. By keeping things interesting, you are less likely to get bored with your exercise and enjoy exercising. It is also much more enjoyable if you actually create a fitness program you can personally follow and enjoy.

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